Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lust Much?

Really I'll take any of them (or for that matter any Chloe shoes, almost any Doc's with the exception of any of the granola hippie lines, blech) but I have to reiterate my overwhelming lust for the Chloe 2007 Doc Marten's collaboration. Damn things are still both impossible to find and a seriously out of reach expense at the moment. When I was younger, and a craz(ier) even more absurdly broke version of myself, I still would have tried to find a way to include these in my stomping arsenal. Alas, back then I was deluded from the whole sour grapes mentality of the young, punk, and poor that expensive (i.e. designer) clothing and shoes were just a marketing ploy for the well-to-do to spend status amounts of cash on so they wouldn't be taxed (ahh, to be bitter and idealogical...oh, wait, some things don't change, hehehe). However, now that I'm lucky enough to own a pretty fair amount of designer shoes and clothes, I've discovered they really *are* that much of a better quality. Ignorance is bliss, huh? Especially shoes. There's almost nothing you can't do in a killer pair of designer heels. They're much more comfortable even than a pair of cheap flats or sneakers, amazingly. I can run in mine. Not that I make that a habit, and of course I still own a few pairs of "dinner shoes." These babies will be on heavy daydreaming rotation until I finally own a pair. Yum.

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Mae said...

girl, I feel you on those elusive Chloe Docs.