Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teeth Grittingly Stupid

So eBay has been dragging their feet on fixing an issue they've created (nice one, guys) with my account and I haven't been able to list anything which is driving me completely insane. I need the dough, just like everyone else, plus it's hard to part with some of this stuff so I don't  really want/need time to think it over!!! Argh. Seriously. Plus, there's some stuff on my long-suffering wish list that I'm ready to commit to getting and that requires capital, damn it. One of the things that's been at the top of that list since before it even actually came out is this ridiculously gorgeous Phillip Lim double layer leather biker jacket. I actually saw it in person at the San Francisco Barney's and it was even better in person than I'd dared to hope for. Super, rich, butter soft leather, amazing colors, and wonderfully cushy lining. I want this thing SO badly it makes me cringe. Covetous much? Me?'s a couple of other things on the list as well.

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