Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rootin' For The Underdogs!! Indie Designers On Etsy

Some of the world's most unbelievably talented, innovative, original, unique, and deserving artists and designers are literally right beneath your nose, every day. We overlook them through sheer over saturation, a good majority of the time, which honestly isn't always our fault. But take just an extra few seconds to scratch the surface of those regularly visited sites and shops, and you'll be rewarded a multitude's worth of artistic originality at, get this, ABSURDLY LOW PRICES. This honestly is the equivalent of going to the thrift shop only to discover that Bjork just donated her entire home's worth of possessions, including her CLOSET, to the store and you're the FIRST TO NOTICE!!!!! Imagine the opportunity to have bought an OG Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, or a fledgling runway piece off of a still shy Alexander McQueen....well, your chances are STILL WAITING FOR YOU!!!!
Not at some never heard of site, this isn't some well kept secret, nor crazy invitation only club, it's been quietly yet emphatically growing for years, in spite of all the haters. ETSY. Yup. Etsy.
Check out some of my favorite artists, designers, and shop owners, and you'll get it. Take Zana Bayne, for instance. Where do you think our lady of Garbage Dress fame first hawked her harness wares? In her Etsy shop, of course. And only this month's Marie Claire featured one in a fucking photo shoot. So, seriously, what are you waiting for????? Get your shop on! And if you sleep thru it now, you're an ass. For real.

INDOMINA Buenos Aires, Argentina (predominantly jewelry)

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