Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MY Nostalgia Looks Like A Crime Scene...

Admittedly, the genre which covers Satanic, drug-taking, queer, disco & gender-fucking dance musicians is not a large one, but out of all the krazy kats who fit in there (so to speak), I'm personally still an ardent kool-aid drinking fan of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Born (or summoned? Hmmm...) in the musical history soaked streets of Chicago, Illinois, they've been sampling and grooving for close to two decades now, and have stayed just as completely subversively hip the whole time. For those of you who have never deliberately been exposed to them, you might have caught a few glimpses over the years in say, the club/fight ending sequence of the original Crow movie; performing "After The Flesh,"
-as seen here-

 which was recorded exclusively for that soundtrack, or maybe in Strange Days with Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Lewis, and Angela Basset (which is an awesome movie, sartorially as well...hey, I think I'll do a Strange Days style post next! Juliette Lewis wears some AMAZING stuff!). Fronted by the ever fabulously dark queen Groovy-Man, and mostly engineered and musically directed by Buzz McCoy, they've cobbled a sickly twisted, ass-shakin', infectiously freaky fun brand of devilish bass. Maybe they collectively sold their souls in order to dole out such a tremendously unique style of dance music, in which case, I'm grateful to Ole Scratch for the tunes. Check out their wealth of records and all the killer collaborations on the various remixes; there's something for every taste-much more dark industrial sounds ala Confessions Of A Knife, or The Days Of Swine And Roses, or more straightforward dance beats with 13 Above The Night, or even Hit & Run Holiday. The samples alone are enough to make any head drool in envy and pleasant recognition. If EVER you have an opportunity to see them live, DO IT, even if you just see a chance to check out Buzz McCoy spinning records, he's got an absolutely unreal Keep up with the death disco madness at

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