Friday, July 1, 2011

Lust Is The Current Deadliest Sin At My House!

Dudes...there are some INSANELY good offerings out there lately...I'm cringing with how deeply I'm lusting after these threads. I need a nice, long intense shopping binge honestly. I've been swimming in a quagmire of medical madness and I just want to zone out on some good old-fashioned gluttony. Let's turn that Lust into Gluttony, Pride, etc. I'm cool with it. I'll eternally roast for some of these bad boys, wouldn't you?

Awesome men's Lip Service Rocker side lace jeans. Dope.

Autumn offerings from awesome Australian company, Evil Twin.

Ok, seriously Topshop?!! You're KILLING me!!! Their freaking stylist is trying to melt my brain, I swear. Their line ups are absolutely spot on and I could be pretty freaking happy spending about a grand in there right now. Just saying...

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