Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 Heroes.

For those of you unfamiliar with these two utter geniuses, let's remedy that terribly soul-vacant state! This is a photo of the painter; Francis Bacon (left), and William S. Burroughs (right). These two fine gentlemen are honestly two of the most profoundly life changing figures in my entire lifetime. Naturally for their chosen mediums, as well as their lifestyles and unfailing honesty, bravery, and uncompromising approach to life and their commitment to art. They also both never "sold out" or dumbed down, never bent to the status quo or to society's flinching decorum. William S. Burroughs has had such insanely wide and far reaching impact on countless generations of artists, writers, and musicians that to try to define his influence would read like a who's who of innovative, original movers and shakers. He's had a massive stylistic influence on my own work, in my writing as well as my visual mediums, and certainly on my approach to life in general. Francis Bacon...well, to attempt to define just how much my creative mediums have been altered and inspired by his own work and life would truly be an exercise in futility. He's one of the artists who really taught me that it's not at all impossible to mix the morbid and beautiful, the intensely disturbing and also emotionally evocative and sometimes even filled with love. The most obvious effect on my own painting is probably the similarities in our color palettes. I'll put up a post soon with some of my own work. Here are the Wikipedia links to both of them, I strongly suggest you educate yourselves on them, or if you're already a fan, read it and remind yourselves why. They've brought me an unreal amount of pleasure in my lifetime, and I rediscover work every time I see/read it. Each visit holds a slightly different perspective and experience.
Francis Bacon's Wiki Page: HERE
William S. Burrough's Wiki Page: HERE

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