Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sons Of Anarchy-Style Inspiration

I must admit a serious weakness for any show that is A) in Northern California, where I was born, and B) is chock full of bikes, black leather, fighting, guns, and drugs. What's not to like? Hahaha! Seriously though, the cast is freaking amazing, and it's sort of like watching a tamed down, milder version of my own childhood. Really. I thought I'd pull some stills of scenes and costuming, etc, that I really enjoy. And now, you can dig it with me. I'm also in the market for another bike or two, either the bones and basketcase of a Harley Davidson or Triumph, even a Honda or something else for a chopper that I'd like to build. It doesn't matter if it's in pieces, that just gives me even more of an excuse to tinker like the proud color-flying member of the Gearheads motorcycle club that I am. I'm also looking for a vintage, possibly two stroke Honda, Yamaha, or any Italian cafe potential bike as well. I'm gonna build a ratbike cafe racer and a fun little flat black badass chopper for myself. I miss riding all the time, and I have made an executive decision regarding all my health problems and surgeries: Life is too short not to do the things I love, and if I died on a motorcycle it would be with a smile on my face. So give me a heads up if y'all see anything 1977 or prior, and I'll check it out. As soon as I score something I'll post photos, and actually now that I think about it, I'll post some of the possible candidates that I've stumbled upon as well! (oh, yeah, and I'm looking for a little Ford Falcon Futura as well, preferably a 2 door coupe hardtop, but I'd consider other years with slight alterations as well) Keep your ears open and your eyeballs peeled! Thanks kids!! Oh, and I wish they'd do SOMETHING about Jax's godawful white it too much to ask that the dude put on some respectable motorcycle boots?? In real life a guy whose whole life is being a biker and riding constantly, they would never wear that crap. Duh. Oh, and how hot and amazing Katy Sagal? Damn role she was born to play.


TruesXeTillsXeDeathsXe said...

Hey Prospect ... getting the Ventura back together finally. <3<3<3 You

Sarah said...

Shit, Blood, I got patched in before you even hit puberty, hahaha! Nice! I want to see progress pictures of the Ventura!!! xxx