Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interesting Drug, The One That You Took, Tell The Truth, It Really Helped You

I know for a flaming fact that I've mentioned a ton of times that Bona Drag is my favorite e-boutique, but considering that Heather has relatively recently unveiled a truly masterful overhaul of the look and feel of the site, coupled with a seriously INSANE offering of sick, sick wares, I figured it was time to talk about them again. And mark my words, this will most certainly not be the last time by any means. Bona Drag is about as close to perfect as it gets, for me. It's run entirely by women, and these are some ├╝ber badass ladies; wildly smart, talented, funny as hell, hard-working, and possessing of extraordinarily excellent taste. They seem a close knit crew, which I totally respect, as I happen to be pretty (or absurdly, depending on who you talk to) old-school when it comes to loyalty. I've been digging them for as long as I can remember now, pretty close to their inception, actually. There's been more than one holiday at my place that consisted entirely of gifts from Bona Drag to me...(hint hint!!!) Add to this the fact that their name is the title of one of my favorite Morrissey records, and the unreal and uncanny talent and instincts of Hannah Bartie; the designer behind the fantastic label With Hearts In My Eyes, along with seriously like the best hand-picked selection of excellent wares available, and you've got me as a die-hard customer for life. Really. You couldn't shake me from them for love or money, they're THAT good. They were some of the first retailers to showcase Pamela Love's jewelry, champion Sophomore, carry more Obesity & Speed than almost anyone else (three of my *absolute* faves, of course), and they've never, ever, ever let me down stylistically. I can't actually think of another shop that I can say that about, come to think of it. And no, in case you're wondering, I have no reason to write this post except the real and earned love of a truly stoked customer.
Wandering through a few days ago, to check out the newest offerings, and I seriously about fell out of my chair with devilish glee! I don't know how many of you ladies (and gents who read but this is specifically a chick problem, you guys have mad choices for what I'm about to share about) have bemoaned the distinctly depressing lack of REAL, SICK, PERFECTLY FITTED & FLARED, black bell bottom jeans. This Christmas I bought my guitarist the gorgeous Kill City men's rocker flares (which I just tried to find so I could post a picture of and they appear to be GONE! Shit! Good thing I got Chris his pair when I did, he'd have been devastated!) and I have to say that I was seriously kind of resentful when he joyfully ran to the bathroom to try them on and emerged looking like Keith Richards circa Exile On Main St good. Really. To get to the point, I search high and low for the perfect, true blacker than black over-dyed, super tight in the thighs all the way to the knees, flaring out huge through the calves chick version and you know what??? They didn't exist. Not in denim, anyway. Mind you, they DO exist in the form of burgundy, lilac, and black lace and crushed velvet, because in her aforementioned uncanny knack for feeding me exactly what I want and need (she's like fashion's version of "The Man"), Hannah Bartie of With Hearts In My Eyes made the sickest flares EVER. I have every color in the lace except the lilac, and I need the velvet ones still, it's been a little monetarily tight around my place as of late. Ok, so back to the black hole where there was supposed to be the perfect black denim flares-if you could find something close, they were designer duds and cost upwards of $200+, which as a freaking writer, musician, and artist, has umm, better things to go to, shall we say? Fast forward to the normal pulse checking of Bona Drag a few days ago...what do I see? I had to rub my eyes, pinch my arm, smack myself around a little to make sure that what I was looking at was not some pathetic hallucination brought on by frustration and desire. But no-THEY'RE REAL!!
Bona Drag has again answered my unsaid prayers. I give you, the COURT HIGH WAIST BLACK BELLS!!! And oh yeah, did I mention that these babies were made EXCLUSIVELY for BONA DRAG!!!???? Dude. Dude. DUDE! Finally!!!!! I'm SO stoked it's kind of ridiculous. Ok, really ridiculous, but I've never had a problem making an ass of myself before, just watch any of the live concert footage of me if you need proof. Ha! They're, well, perfect. They're the flares of my dreams, come to life in glorious, deep, black and a lovely indigo blue for good measure. Add to that the fact that they're a mere $127.00 bucks and I'm stoked beyond belief. Plus, the latest With Hearts In My Eyes crushed black velvet flares are insanely perfect as well, and I pretty much have the next major purchases for my wardrobe well and truly set. I have to include pics of some of the other fabulousness as well, because it's all just too good and I'll end up standing on this rickety proverbial soapbox until I can't type because my fingertips have gone numb with overuse. Just take my word for it, I'm damned hard to impress, and I thank the powers that be that Bona Drag exists. They're the ultimate boutique badasses. It's just the way it is, kids. Head on over there and prepare yourself for a life-long love affair, or addiction. Whichever phrase you prefer. I like both equally, myself, heheheh...OH! Lest I forget, a couple of other details: they include a mix cd with every order, all the packaging is gorgeous and awesome, and they're really, really, super nice people. 

(a smattering of labels Bona Drag carries: With Hearts In My Eyes, All For The Mountain, Obesity + Speed, Lindsey Thornburg, Lover, Lonely Hearts, Pamela Love, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, Bodkin, Society For Rational Dress, Erica Weiner, Lorick, Made Her Think, Shakuhachi, The Reformation, Sophomore...)

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