Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Necessity Is The Mother...(or-DIY Jewelry Rack)

I have a confession to make-when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a naturalist. No, not a NUDIST or someone who runs around bare ass, although that certainly has a time and place in my life, but the kind who wears mud smeared glasses and sits sketching in the woods all day, chronicling the patterns of the local flora and fauna, studying tracks and droppings, pockets filled with stones and bones. Really. I admired (and still very much do, you can find me in the Natural History museums oft times) the massive plates in the Audobon books, etc. I had books on surviving alone in the woods, and My Side Of The Mountains was like, a sort of child's fantasy bible for me. This has since transferred over into all areas of my life, spilling out onto my shelf space as rocks and bones clutter surfaces. In any case, I've had a very serious lack of storage/display space for my jewelry collection, and I'm sorry, but I find the options available severely lacking in practicality, looks, and PRICE. (I mean, really? Spindly and badly painted fake trees??? No thanks!) So tonight, at about two in the morning (I have terrible insomnia, and I promise I'll try not to have any more parentheses in this post! Sorry!) I went out into my lovely backyard and escorted by all three dogs picked out some particularly fantastic branches. I just happened to have a bunch of sea shells and rocks lying around, and just filled a short vase with them to give me stability for my very spooky sort of vine-y new bracelet display! Yay! Problem solved, basically for free, and I really dig the way it turned out. Also, I'll write up the wonderful GWAR show I saw and how I got to reunite with an old and very dear friend, who promises to be much dearer soon! Oh, and the matter of the farewell show for one of my bands; .38 Gauge, and how that really required two or three bar towels to clean up my blood and an estimated 30 stitches which I refused to go to the ER to's been an eventful week.

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jennielea said...

this is like Martha Stewart's acid-fueled nightmare. I love it. And you.