Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Madewell & Menswear Inspiration

I have a burning passion for Madewell. And a bunch of the J. Crew catalog in general, actually. I mean, have you SEEN the J. Crew collection pieces??!!! (the high end actual collection pieces, although, sorry, I have a hard time justifying close to couture prices with a household Banana Republic-ey name) One of the best and most fun features I've enjoyed over the years of being virtually (so I'm told, I feel like I have a bunch of room left to go!) covered in tattoos is the wonderfully interesting juxtaposition of ink and preppy clothes. Super fun and incongruous, and delightfully confusing for the gawkers. In any case, allow me to step off of my soap box. I am ADORING some of the new looks they're producing, and of course the whole damn Alexa Chung collection/s. I also happen to have a rather dire addiction to slim, tapered, menswear inspired trousers. I just think there's something really sexy about a woman in those kind of pants.  Oh, and can someone tell all the major web retailers that they're shooting themselves in the foot when you can't pull their gorgeously styled look books into the blogosphere, image wise?? It's so irritating! Free publicity you silly people! Here are some of my current favorites:

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