Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm More Than Just A Pretty (cough cough) Face

My interest in fashion has pretty much become something of an obsession, certainly a passion, and my knowledge of said subject lends itself to some strange segues. I'm a creature of many facets, if you all haven't figured that out yet, and my ridiculous (and sometimes overwhelming, daunting, scary as hell) forays and ventures into the surreal and gorgeously unique world of fashion is evolving, just like I am. I personally believe that the ability to both evolve and adapt is the stuff of survival. Economics happens to be another major interest of mine, specifically consumer/retail sector economics. So in keeping with that, surprise surprise, I read the Business Of Fashion which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone who wants to understand the way things actually function. I also spend coast to coast flights (which are unbearable for someone who is crippled, by the way. People hate when I shift and have to stretch and walk the aisle, but oh well, I don't really like it when they snore or their baby cries and then poops itself, so I guess we're even. Comfortable outfits, lots of music, mags, books, and my laptop and I make it through...I am totally digressing, sorry, it's early and I'm not usually a morning person) reading an ENTIRE shareholder's report from cover to cover and research retail companies which are traded and then figure out a way to make it happen. I'm not about to give away my stock abbreviations or anything, trust me, tons of research and hard work went into my decision making process. However, keeping all this inanity in mind, I came across this little article from the NY Times just now and found it rather intriguing. It's from the New York Times December 10th, 2009. Check out Alexander Wang go! I'm all for self made folks, and definitely a fan of his work, so I was kinda stoked to read this. Right on, Alex!!!

Designer Alexander Wang runs a $25 million family business

Fashion designer Alexander Wang, 25, a design-school dropout now touted as "fashion's latest It Child," heads "a $25 million family business that is growing at a gallop," the New York Times reported Mr. Wang runs his mini-empire without outside backers or benefit of a family fortune. He works alongside his mother; his sister-in-law, Aimie Wang, an accountant; and his brother, Dennis Wang, who brings to the enterprise a background in international business development.

While other designers have been hit hard by the recession, Wang's sales have tripled since late last year, his brother told the Times. About 400 stores, including 220 in the U.S., carry the Wang label. Only a half-dozen years ago, the article said, "his name could not be uttered without the obligatory qualifier, ‘no relation to Vera.'" (Source: New York Times, Dec. 10, 2009.)

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