Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Full Pack Of Gnarlboros!

Dudes, life has been a hellish shit storm lately. The little one is mending, but slowly, and he gets his cast off tomorrow at the Vet's office. By the way, his surgery? 3 GRAND. Yep. Ouch. For whatever reason they deem it necessary to sedate him and do some more radiographs so we have to drop him off in the morning and then wait for them to call so we can scoop him up. It's really sad to see him hurt. I feel pretty powerless. It's also tough since he obviously doesn't communicate exactly what's wrong or what he needs to me. I do my best. Oh, and I'm falling apart left and right. I wouldn't be too surprised if a limb fell off or something. Hahaha! I promise more light hearted news will come. I'll make some if it doesn't, how 'bout that? Missing my Buffalo Exchange gals something FIERCE. Desperately need a vacation. I think my girl Robyn and I are hitting up NYC again, together. Word. I can't effing wait!!!!

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