Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1970, Rollin' In Sight

Ten points if you know what song that's from! Ugh, I feel like crap today. There's really been a slew of off days this month, physically. I actually wrapped my shoulder with an Ace bandage two days in a row, and did a bunch of research regarding total shoulder replacement surgery. Yuck. Whatevs, tho, if I can be more back to my old self I'll undergo whatever surgery I have to to get there. Whee! Here's some shots from when my friend Chris (yay Chris!) was in town and crashed at our place. He's an awesome guitar player and just all around great guy. He's supposed to move up here from Wilmington. He used to work and live in Raleigh. I'm hoping that happens soon. We miss him when he's not around. He knows more about super good rock n roll and music in general than most, and he's uber sweet and funny and smart. :) Anyway we went to Milltown for dinner. Rod and I had the sausage plate for two and some Pommes Frites. Yum.

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