Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yeah. So far 2010 has been BRUTAL. And it has just begun. But I know it has to be better and more interesting than last year. I don't think I can go through losing someone as important to me this year too, so powers that fucking be cut us lowlife dirtbags some slack, wouldya? So many vexing issues this health is in the shitter and the money or lack thereof to get treatment must have already been flushed and is on it's merry way to where the sewer meets the sea. I find myself proverbially huffing and getting stoned off thoughts of leather pants and quantum physics. My days are interspersed with gleaming chrome madness and polished dog shit. So be it. At least today Radar Love from Golden Earring played on the radio and drowned out some of the noise of the rest of the world. I wish my hands didn't hurt too much to play my guitar, but they do. I tried to use chopsticks yesterday, failed, then my fork, failed, so I had to use my bare left hand to eat a badass goat cheese and short rib wonton. Also, if you're in CH, NC, JuJuBe's on 54 is serving a curried pork dish over coconut rice and gremolata that is un-fucking-real good. Like, melt in your mouth textured pork. Plus, the chefs there are amazingly cool and funny, and you can watch them cook yer food over what's basically the culinary equivalent of a jet fighter afterburner. (It's a high powered wok stove) The boy had a drink called a Hot Date, made with good solid bourbon, jujube preserves, cayenne pepper, and lemon. He said it was tasty as hell and they pour a pretty mean one there, so definitely worth the cash. There's a ton of new shit up in the store, and a super secret awesome site planned that I can hopefully roll out pretty soon. I'm in bed, in a furry leopard print bathrobe, surrounded by my 3 canines, with a look of relative agony on my face. I think I'll go absorb my latest Australian Russh Magazine. Here's some pics of new shit at Street Walkin' Cheetahs.

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Liz said...

You are the hotness. And let's go spend some cash together at the Jujube soon.