Friday, September 30, 2011

Phillip Lim Personal Favorites from Spring 2012 Runway Show!

Part of my attempt at an ongoing window into the fashion designers and houses who I continually follow, draw inspiration from, and covet is this installment's feature of my personal stand outs from Phillip Lim's runway show. I'm a big continuing fan of his...this season's offerings don't disappoint by a long shot, either. I'm adoring the pastel color palette, it makes me think of another of my favorite things; traditional French macaroons! The draping and textures lend themselves perfectly to Lim's muted elegance and hushed power dressing. I'm stoked on this more than I expected to be.

Definitely one of my super-adored looks from the show...I can absolutely picture myself rocking this one, head to toe. Dudes, those PANTS!!! They're like, the perfect cut, sheen, tapering amount, and the tailored draping action combined with that material catching the light?! SO SO good! I'm also way down with this particular color's like I took acid and wandered into a well but subtly lit gelato shop with pistachio, tangerine, hazelnut flavors drenching my brain in the best possible manner...


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