Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Emotional Catharsis Of Spring 2012

Le Sigh...I'm loving this season, FINALLY!!! I feel as though it's been utterly windswept and ravaged sameness for the last few fashion rounds, to be honest, and haven't been terribly moved by what the more established designers and fashion houses have had on offer either. This is of course not at all to say that there's been any lack of truly awesome pieces and lines as well, it hasn't been completely desolate by any means, but there's been a distinct lack of consistently original and creative lines and shows for about the last 2 years, in my opinion. The stand outs have been truly glorious though, citing moments of greatness and brilliance such as Miu-Miu's adorable prints, Chanel's fantastical creations like the lovely 2010 Cruise collection, and admittedly everything that Isabel Marant, Proenza Schouler and Rodarte have put out. But I have felt as though it's still like someone took the volume control over from the fashion world and like, pushed the mute button, don't you? It just hasn't been aflame with intensity like it is capable of being...as though somehow all the world's insidiously infiltrating issues have wormed their mealy ways into the heartwood of our little universe and dulled our collective senses. I know that there's a multitude of factors involved, of course; the economy, war, the rebounds from 9/11 as Americans slowly creep out from under a national mindset brandishing defensiveness, fear, anger, and violence. (I'm also not condemning patriotism, my country, or anything like that. I just think as a nation we're only now slightly learning to both never forget/celebrate our dead and to find ways in addition to wars to defend ourselves against hatred and fanaticism in the world, and to see a little more clearly the unhealthy parallels of the same in some of our political and religious figures) I also believe in the United States we're still working through Hurricane Katrina, and the incredible damage that inflicted on our collective emotional state and our faith in the government's empathy and actions. It's been brutal globally for the last little bit, but somehow kind of in ways which seem sort of commonplace and banal, right? Ways that like I stated above, somehow just dulled our senses or something...now I feel as though our world and it's inhabitants are waking up, brushing the sleep from their eyes, and yawning a jaw cracking whopper of a creative inhale. Our designers are showing it to us, with the pops of bright and inventive colors, with the use of insanely complex and mind blowing textiles and patterns, with their cheerful inclinations to charge ungodly prices and to do it with a smile! I love it! Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!! This particular fashionite is ready to drink it all in like a fine cup of cafe du monde in New Orleans, LA, or a tall Americano at Stumptown Coffee in NYC at the Manhattan Ace Hotel outpost. Now I've got some clothes to go drool over, and covet, and plot somehow to make some cash to own and sleep in and love in and live in. Rock on, kiddos. Just in case some of you have damaged your memories with too many extra-curricular activity, or simply can't remember visually, here's a crash refresher course with some killer highlights of the exceptions to the rule of banality I was referring to. I almost feel like we could call it 2010 the year of Proenza Schouler and Rodarte, don't you guys? I mean, they SLAYED. Plus the Mulleavy sisters frankly ruled several arenas, what with their insanely gorgeous clothes, their awesome indie film collaborations, and that little film Black Swan...sigh. Really inspiring to me.

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