Tuesday, August 9, 2011

California Dreaming+MidCentury+Moving Is Hell+D&G Sequined Perfection & Monetary Purgatory

Whew! Such a title is exhausting to barely contemplate, let alone actually produce! It's my sad little effort to slide some sneaky little key words in there somewhere to reel you all in, muahahahaha! Oh, wait...I probably wasn't supposed to blatantly give myself away and refer to you, my divine readers, as fish. Since I'm still in North Cackalacky (Carolina, and no, I did NOT make that up, that's really a home grown nick name they've given themselves here. I've no idea why. But allow me to point out that the game "cornhole" is also extremely popular here.), I think if you killers had to be a fish, you'd be something beautiful like the pretty bluegills that I catch like crazy over at University Lake. You'd certainly not be like, boring common bass (not that I don't love them and adore fishing for them, I do) because those little bluegills are colorful and they fight insanely hard for their size. I could be a total A-hole and call you guys catfish, the garbage disposals of freshwater, but we'll reserve that stellar title for those enemies we've all got and whom we'd secretly like to sink a hook into. Please...those of you thinking, Oh-I'd never, that's terrible! Such violence! How could she think I'd enjoy that?!, you're obviously a)deluded beyond belief since let's face it, everyone has those American Psycho days; all I do is comfortably embrace my madness, and b)how the hell did you make it this far into the post without your eyes beginning to bleed? Anyway...speaking of my madness, right? I guess I've missed you all. Lately things have been such an surreal clusterf*ck that I seriously, no joke, for the first time in my life (honestly I've had an email address for waaaaaay too long, from a very tender age) have gone about 3-4 weeks without even miming opening my email. I just haven't been able to cope with the anxiety inspiring glare of the outside world. It's been pretty much like an emotional, financial (absurdly so on the financial front), physical, and intellectual (I've seen that word somewhere and it made me think the person using it was smart! Let's try that trick here!) shitstorm in my personal galaxy for entirely too long. People around me (not necessarily physically, since the majority of my road dogs are scattered internationally, with a healthy, scratch that, unhealthy, chunk in California, naturally) still insist on saying trite slogans like: it can't last forever, or-it'll get better soon, there's nowhere to go but up, or my personal favorite-how much worse could it get? YOU a-holes who actually talk like that (naturally none of those people are my readers, you guys are better than that, and would at least come up with personally hurtful and original insults, right?)? You're the same people who said shit like, "it could be worse, it could be raining", or "is it hot enough for ya?" in Phoenix, AZ when it was literally 120 degrees!!! No, you didn't read that wrong, I said ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!!! Who does that dude???
And the answer?
At least, that's been my rather obnoxiously vexing experience. I don't go into tremendous detail on here (for various reasons, but honestly the most compelling is that it's just not that entertaining!) about my disabilities/illnesses, but let's just say that I've really been having a tough go of it for the last few months. That naturally exacerbates every other issue as well...and to tell you guys the truth sometimes I can't concentrate long enough to post, sometimes even photos. Sorry. But I've re-re-re-dedicated myself to All Of Us In The Gutter, because I truly do care about this little freak baby of mine, and damn it, you and me are going places! Heh. So, without further ado, I have some amazingly covetable clothes and such to share with you, and I wanted to also put up some photographs of a few houses in California; both Northern and Southern, that are pretty indicative of what Rod and I are really looking to settle into. It's appearing that Northern is becoming more of a possibility, which would be amazing for me since that's where my big brother (who's a gorgeous, talented, brilliant, awesome, insanely badass track/road bike riding DJ/producer in SF) and my Pops are. Plus, San Francisco/Oakland/Bay Area is where I was born and I feel totally at ease there. I miss living there, in a completely different way than I miss Los Angeles. Rod's actually into the idea too so I'm currently fantasizing about Oakland Hills/Lake Merritt Victorian houses that are in disrepair for me to renovate, or Mid Century Modern ranches, bungalows...maybe an old industrial building or compound...I'm dying to get back home, as long as I can not die before I get there! Okay, bad joke, sorry. Plus as soon as we get home I can get back into college. You guys should help me decide on some choices, would ya? Both for my programs/specific universities. As long as it's actually state and not private, I can go for FREE!!! Woohoo dudes!!! MAJOR amazing-ness!!! So I'm going to finish up my design/art/comp sci. BFA and then either get another BFA or BSA, or start grad school. Toss out those thoughts on that, please!! So check out these dorky pics of me, (the dorkiness only extends to me, it doesn't contaminate the other stuff) homes, duds, bling, and music that I've been cracking out on lately, k? Mad love. Emphasis on the mad...on that note, jump to the next post for the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana sequined goodness. I decided that it's all too perfect not to merit it's own post entirely.
Oakland Hills/Mills sweet fixer-upper Victorian house...a bit more precious than my usual fare, but I've loved the Vics in NorCal my whole life. Naturally SF has the sickest, most intensely enviable examples (there's one in particular near Lower Haight that's BLACK with gold gingerbread trim!!! I've wanted to see the inside my whole freaking life!)
Rad open floor plan and in a really interesting transitional area of LA...

One of the many gorgeous Craftsman homes in my old stomping ground of Long Beach...I love these so much, and there are awesome details in each one.

sweet Obey hoodie/denim jacket

I don't know why, but I'm really feeling these Roberto Cavalli jeans...

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