Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soaking It All Up And In!

Whew, it's finally officially summer around my parts...I was just working in the vegetable/fruit portion of my garden (we built cedar raised planter boxes last year and I got everything planted at the correct times this season, so it should be stunning!!) and about ten minutes into it grimy rivulets of sweat started rinsing off the dang bug repellent I'd just applied. Recently I got a truly foul deer tick and that sucker (I know, I know, bad, BAD, pun!! Please forgive me!) dug IN deep deep deep. I'll confess to you guys: I have a totally disproportionately absurd loathing and revulsion of ticks in general, and the deer ticks are the little bastards that carry Lyme disease. If you don't know all that much about Lyme disease (most people don't, really); you should educate yourself. It's actually one of the most insidiously vile chronic diseases that exists, and can mimic everything from the common flu to Multiple Sclerosis!!! If you're cautious, and catch/treat it early, you can avoid becoming one of the thousands of North Americans affected by chronic Lyme disease, which at it's worst can actually be not only degenerative but even rarely fatal. Ok, I know, I'm ranting. Like I said, I have a disproportionately large fear and hatred of them. We're actually still watching to see if I have contracted LD myself, and what with the clusterf--- that is my medical insurance/Medicare/Medicaid debacle we have to bide our time and wait because I can't afford to just go get a shot like a regular person. Sigh. I swear to you guys-if it's medical, and it's painful or complicated, I probably have or have had it. Ick. Wow, that was quite a segue to get to a really cheerful point, huh?
In general I try not to blatantly re-post links/etc from other bloggers, mostly out of both a desire for originality as much as possible and out of respect for their own uniqueness and hard work researching their sources. That being said, however, I have to tell you guys first off: I'm ADDICTED ADDICTED ADDICTED to the excellent blog Design*Sponge. 
In my opinion, it's one of the finest design/DIY/decor/more blogs or publications of any kind out today. Remember the vacuum that opened like a gaping maw when Domino Mag folded? (k, maybe that was just me) Well, this fine team of hard working, intelligent, and insanely talented folk have MORE than filled it. As I was reading my daily (at least once per) dose, they once again introduced me to some awesome new sources for covetables. Check these babies out, I hope someone of you enjoys them as much as I did. Cheers!

                       (respectfully re-copied from the Ken Scott website FAQ's)
"What style pouches do you make?
I make traditional Eastern style, and Western Fur Trade style pouches, as well as French & Indian War and Revolutionary War pouches, and the large oversized Pennsylvania German game bags.  Just tell me the style of gun that you want your pouch to go with or the time period and the location you are trying to get a pouch for, and I can make one for you.
What type of materials do you make the pouches out of?
When I make a leather pouch, I use deer, elk, pig, cow, etc. depending on the style of pouch. These pouches are usually lined with linen, striped ticking, or fustian (an early fabric woven from linen and cotton). My pouches also feature either a leather strap or a woven linen and wool cloth strap. Both of these straps can feature a brass or iron buckle if needed.
My French & Indian War or pre-Revolutionary Wa cloth pouches are made with fustian or heavy linen, lined with linen, trimmed with deerskin. These pouches hold up well. They are rugged and very backwoods looking. I carry one of these pouches myself."
Erie Basin

Freaking lovely. Really, just absolutely lovely stuff. Have a good day, kiddies.  And beware of ticks!

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