Friday, March 11, 2011

Holy Moly, I'm In LOVE!!!

Usually, I don't go too nuts for the allover logo prints ala Coach (although some of their bags are undeniably amazing, it's not a sweeping hate on Coach generalization), but I stumbled across these little Fendi flats in my daily traversing of eBay. I'm smitten! I love love love the color combination, the crinkly detail of the orange piping on the close toed pair along with the amazing embossed and raised logo action on that buckle!!?? SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!! How about the fact that I also love this style enough that I equally lust after the close toed AND the open toed? That's pretty impressive, in my book. I'm pretty bowled over, and I actually am in dire need of flats for Spring and Summer. Really. I swear I'm not justifying the purchase, although on eBay they're remarkably reasonably priced. Hopefully after I clear the smoke and the dust settles after this month of (crossing fingers) *stellar* sales in my shop, I can invest in a pair of these cutie pies. Is it just me, or was someone designing shoes with Piet Mondrian on the brain? Oh, I also had to include a pic of the matching bag...someone save me from myself!!!

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