Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Talk Fricking Inspiration, Shall We?

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band...vastly underrated and not nearly as well known as they should be, obviously have had a massive stylistic and musical influence as well (Adicts, much?). Alex Harvey first had a career as a sort of torch singer, of all things, and then turned his classically and theatrically trained pipes and diverse humor, intelligence and MAD style to what turned into one of the most (imho) stunning glamrock outfits of all time. No joke. Here's some shots of him and the boys, and a video, to boot. If you have any doubts of just how subversive and ballsy he was, try listening to Gang Bang. Yeah, you read it right. Hehehehe...prepare to have your minds blown, especially if you're already a Bowie/T.Rex/Sweet/Slade/etc. fan.


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