Thursday, November 25, 2010

.38 Gauge (or, how to scare the shit out of the locals!)

So for those of you who don't pay any attention, or have really crap memories, I've two bands that I sing (write, play, spastically jump around) for. Here's some photos from a show at theDIVEbar in Raleigh, NC with The Graveyard Boulevard (phenom dudes!). People were, er, confused? Doesn't ANYONE listen to the damn Stooges anymore? And yeah, that IS a Stooges tattoo on my forearm, bitches. :) .38 Gauge is a dirty punk sleazefest with myself, Lenn Rokk from Filth & Strychnine (we're bros from WAY back), Megan Edwards on drums, and Billy Bischoff on bass. Come see us, I might bleed on you. Oh, and if this isn't "fashion-ee" enough for you, those are in fact Helmut Lang leather pants, bitches. So there.

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