Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Week From Hell!

I can't even begin to explain the last week to two weeks, I'm still so emotionally drained. The piece of news I am at liberty to discuss is my giant klutz of a rescued Labrador retriever accidentally brutally injured my miniature Dachsund Noodle, Aka Happy Noodle Boy. He had to have joint surgery which thus far has cost me 3,000 dollars and counting. Needless to say I hadn't budgeted that into the month, hahaha. My Beau also had to go back to Manhattan for work, where I was supposed to join him on Wednesday, which happens to be our 3 year anniversary!!! Damn it. He's once again staying at the Ace Hotel, only my favorite hotel ever, where there's the Michelin starred restaurant the Breslin, and award winning coffee shop Stumptown (an import from Portland, by the by). So here I am, stuck in the house with my incredibly needy invalid dog and the other two nutjob canines, pining for a vacation and perhaps answers to some serious questions which have come up. It's a tough and interesting time.

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