Saturday, April 24, 2010

Style Sightings, Inspiration

Completely obsessed with that perfect pair of leg lengthening, loose fitting tapered Spring trousers. Of course, I'm obsessed with those through out the year, just in varying types of fabrics. I'm a complete idiot who sold the ultimate menswear inspired '07 All Saints wool winter version on ebay when I needed the dough. Oops. However, happily in this burg of ours (I use ours VERY loosely) we finally got an H & M, who just happened to have the perfect trousers in a lovely Spring cotton blend. I'll post some pics when I stop being a laze-about in wifebeater and swim trunks. I'm redo-ing the master bedroom so I'm covered in sheetrock dust. Yuck. Here are some great paperbag waist pants I adore.

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