Sunday, April 18, 2010

NYC Windows

Ok, ok, so I am, in fact a total slacker. But gimme some credit, dudes, there's been way too much gnarly shit hitting the fan. You know, coastal hopping and funerals and all that jazz. So while I was in the beautiful streets of New York, I was sure to take some photos of my favorite stores' windows. I apologize for the slight blur on some of them but I think my proximity to such seemingly *at the moment anyway!* unattainable beauty was making my hands develop a slight tremor. Plus, I do really need to discuss how in love I am with the Afro-Chic MJ Louis Vuitton and ABSURDLY IN LOVE WITH MIU MIU I am this season. My God. It's not even right how disgustingly stalker-esquely obsessed I am. At the moment I have about 10 browser tabs open and half of them are on the Miu Miu shoe selections in various shops, whilst I attempt to convince my logical self (which is already outnumbered, mind you) that 600 dollars is a screaming deal for any one of those satin print Miu darlings. So here's a taste of me wandering alone through NYC.

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