Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Person It's A Trillion Times More Dope

while destroying the sidewalks of Mahattan in straight Godzilla fashion, I barged 5th Ave and saw the glorious windows of Louis Vuitton. I think this is both hilarious and mildly annoying-I've been rocking the fox tail (from vintage fur, as I don't buy new for almost 100% of the time...I haven't yet.) as accessory for quite some time now. We're not talking, I had that a week ago some time, we're talking a pretty major chunk of space time continuum time. Argh. And seriously, this is SO SO SO much more badass and mind blowingly gorgeous in person. I actually want one to the point of plotting world domination in order to own one in each sick color. Meh. I'll take some shots of the window tomorrow, as I have to go back uptown.

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