Friday, February 5, 2010

A Sharp Stick In The Eye-

So I have to have this major test, soon, Tuesday to be exact. It's called an EMG; an ElectroMyoGram. Those of you who know me IRL know of at least some of my truck load of ailments. This one is for the shoulder/arm. Apparently a friend of mine says they do them at her office, but she's only seen it performed on UNCONSCIOUS people?! Oh hell. Also, my pain management doctor (who ordered it with the neurologist) said "This is going to be very uncomfortable, I won't lie, not very fun." which of course is medical for this is going to hurt like hell. I can't simply pretend, as I usually do, to not be tremendously apprehensive. I'm frightened, plain and simple. I hope to resolve some portion of the diagnosis though, as honestly I'm ready to start bidding for a full joint prosthetic replacement procedure. (say that ten times fast!) So I guess I just needed to get very blunt for a moment. Yep. Here's what the procedure is.

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