Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hell YEAH!

I am sooooo super stoked/nervous/excited. Max G. Morton, one of my new favorite authors (thanks to Jen Gnar over at Gnarlitude.com) has 2 earlier books besides Looking For The Magic called 23 and Indestructible Wolves Of The Apocalypse Junkyard, and they're both on eBay. So I'm bidding on them and unless someone else wants to go as seriously in debt as I will should the competition arise, I hopefully will soon be the proud owner. If you missed out on Looking For The Magic, keep looking on eBay. It's well worth it. Fucking outstanding. I'm really particular about authors-particularly when it comes to so-called memoirs. This guy seems to be somehow linked to my life, as far as experiences and thought processes go. He's spoken very highly of by one of my favorite people on the planet; Boyd Rice, so really what more do you need to know? Faint hearted individuals need not apply. Here are a few shots of the books and of Max himself. The first is with Wes Eisold, of Cold Cave, who also runs and operates Heartworm Press, which is the phenomenal freaking publishing house that releases Morton, Boyd Rice, Wes Eisold himself, and others, including super exciting limited vinyl and other fun things. You should support them.

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